Construction Management

Using this approach to the administration of a project, Aries operates as a member of the owner's construction team, along with the architect and other consultants.

From the owners perspective the advantages to this method are numerous.


1. The past experience of Aries is available from the earliest stage of design to address the budget and schedule as the design progresses.

2. Aries is aware of the current construction market including product availability and subtrade availability.

3. The owner has direct input on the subcontractors and suppliers that tender on the project as well as which bidder is awarded the project

4. Purchasing, tendering and some physical construction for the project can commence prior to the drawings and permits being 100% complete which improves the completion date of the project.

5. Should the owner require changes as the project progresses, the cost and time implications are kept to a minimum with this type of contract.

6. The owner may alter the schedule of the project during construction to meet tenant requirments or his own occupancy requirments.

7. Aries has an occupational health and safety progam that would be enforces throughout the project in conjunction with the Worker Compensation Board.

In summary Construction Management offers the owner an opportunity to reduce construction problems, achieve the desired end product for less cost and complete the project earlier because of the advanced start time of construction and minimum impact of changes.



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